What clothing always stays fashionable?
31 Jul

Whoa, hold on to your hats folks! In the whirlwind world of fashion, a few trusty stalwarts manage to stay stylish no matter what. First up, we've got the classic little black dress that's always ready for a night out, or a day in, or... well, pretty much anything. Then there's the timeless, cool-as-a-cucumber denim jacket. And let's not forget about a crisp white shirt - so versatile, it might as well be a fashion chameleon! So, if your wardrobe's feeling a bit "yesterday", these pieces are your ticket to timeless town!

Will shopping malls ever have their glory days back?
25 Jul

As a blogger, I've been pondering on whether shopping malls will ever reclaim their heydays. Amid the surge of online shopping, malls have lost some of their lustre. However, by reinventing themselves as entertainment and lifestyle centers, malls may have a shot at regaining their former glory. The key lies in offering experiences that online alternatives cannot. Yet, whether this will fully restore malls to their past splendor remains uncertain.

Watch live Vinfast VF8 at Fashion Valley Mall?
23 Jul

I had the opportunity to witness the live display of the Vinfast VF8 at Fashion Valley Mall. It was an amazing experience to see this incredible vehicle up close. The sleek design and innovative technology incorporated in this car were simply breathtaking. The mall was buzzing with excitement as people gathered around to admire this masterpiece. If you're a car enthusiast like me, such events are a must-visit!

Where is Fashion Nova made?
18 Jul

Fashion Nova, a go-to brand for many, is primarily manufactured in Los Angeles, California. The brand prides itself on locally producing its items, supporting the US economy. However, it's important to note that some of their production is also outsourced to countries like China. This allows them to keep up with the rapid release of new styles. So, while most of Fashion Nova's production takes place in LA, it's a global operation.